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Intro to Sea Kayaking – Course Details


Date and Time

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Duration: 2 days

Start time: 09:00

Finish time: 18:00

If you have ever wamted to try Sea Kayaking, to see what all the fuss is about, this course is for you. During this course is designed around giving you some basic skills in Sea Kayaks; getting you comfortable paddling forwards, backwards and turning. We will also focus on interpreting tidal data, reading the water, plus understanding weather forecasts and their impact upon us whilst we are sea kayaking.


The course will be based at two locations, day one will be in Chichester harbour,  the second day will be conducted outide the harbour in the real sea

This trip will start from Itchenor Public Slipway (PO20 7AW), 


To get the most out of this course we recommend that you have been kayaking before, and have some experience of paddling fundamentals.

Course Programme

We don't use a particular syllabus for this course, so of course will endeavour to cover all the skills you would like to. However, we have put together a few ideas so you have a rough idea of what to expect from the day:

  • Safe launching and landing - This is sometimes a little more complicated than you expect
  • Basic journey planning - Assessing tides and weather, making sure we know where we are going, how to get help, and what kit to carry.
  • Forward paddling techniques - we work on varying the techniques for the conditions (cruising, going faster, dealing with waves, etc)
  • Turning - Sea Kayaks are generally designed for straight line travel, so we will give you some hints and tips to get you turning them smoothly
  • Navigation - we will look at some maps and charts, and give you some information on navigating afloat in sea kayaks
  • Rescues when afloat - so you can deal with a situation if it all goes wrong!
  • Safety kit, and how to use it

Candidates will need to bring snacks and a packed lunch including drinks for each day.


Personal Clothing and Equipment

Please bring personal clothing and equipment suitable for weather conditions forecast for each day of the course. Bouyancy aids and paddles will be provided for you

Course Fee


Intro to Sea Kayaking


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